Inventor. Biohacked. Passionate.

Octavia is the supreme inventor of Oamura, and she is on a deadline. A plasma infuser her Potentate, Verne wanted yesterday.  If she doesn't deliver on time, one could only imagine the punishment she will receive. Removal of her aging chip, steel backbone, enhanced vision or even death. 

Octavia always delivered.

No way would this time be different.

Or so help her.

Steel. Rebel. Magical.

Lyra is surviving by the skin of her teeth. If she has to swing one more pickax she is going to lose her ever-loving mind. But the biohacked super humans who have destroyed earth and live on dragon fossil fuels, aren’t cutting miners any slack. So, what’s a rebel to do? 
Escape. Run. Kickass. 
Only one thing keeps her in the mines-- and no, it isn’t the dwarf overlord --Her family. Not her biological family, who she has never known, but the one she has made. Her five smoking-hot guy friends. 
Until they're gone. 
Get out of the way, Lyra is out for blood.

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