Throne of Gods Book 1- Fire Soldier

The Gods may think they own the fire soldiers, but they have no idea of the inferno that’s coming.

I was born from Ares with the fire given to him from his one true love. Though the Gods imprisoned him as punishment for loving a woman that wasn’t his, he forged a kingdom from the flames and made his children his soldiers.

Now that Ares is gone, the Gods will stop at nothing to control the Kingdom of Fire and all who inhabit it. But I was created to fight, so, in Ares name I'll avenge his murder and reduce them all to ashes for what they have done to my family.

The only problem is, my brethren don’t fully understand what’s at stake, so I’m on my own fighting a battle with a cursed trait no one knows about. When Karim, a half centaur/half siren and my sworn enemy since birth takes my side as I stand up to the Gods, I’m torn, but without anyone else to help save the fire soldiers, I have to accept help from my age old rival, with secrets of his own.

I might not like it, but he’s the only thing between my eternal servitude and scorching the earth with the bones of the Gods that enslave us. We are coming for the thrones of the Gods, and I’m not going to let anything stand in my way. Between us, we’ll set the heavens ablaze and watch the ashes fall.

If you love Game of Thrones, Greek mythology and enemies to lovers romance that’s guaranteed to have your heart set to slow burn, grab book one of this sizzling fantasy series now.

Bonus anime character art included in all formats.


Throne of Gods Book 2 - God Slayer

The gods have reigned in wickedness for too long. My brethren and I will take their thrones—even if it means tearing everything apart.

No one said that saving the world from the evil Olympians would be easy. Our losses are beyond number, and our peoples have been forced to endure unimaginable suffering. Every day, it becomes harder for the common folk to hold on, to envision a brighter future.

And to make matters worse, the evil gods show no signs of backing down. The Olympians are converging on a new vacuum of power, and the stage has been set for a massive battle in the fortified city of Caepernus—a battle that will take everything we've got. Will the walls of the city hold? Can we muster up the manpower to drive back the mighty armies of Olympus?

Truth is, we don't have a choice but to succeed. If we fail, all will be lost.

Even in the destruction and chaos, I'm finding more and more to love and defend, though. Battle has a way of drawing people together, and close-knit friendships are budding even as we face these incredible odds. Strange as it may seem, in times of war love may grow between former enemies...

Fans of Game of Thrones, Greek mythology and love against all odds are sure to devour God Slayer! If you've been looking for an action-packed, enemies-to-lovers romance, you won't want to miss this sizzling tale!

Throne of Gods Book 3- Cursed Warrior

The war is coming to a close. But who will prevail?

My brethren and I have given everything to destroy the rule of the old gods, but the victory is not yet won. The remaining powers of Olympus have their sights set on us, and the clash we're preparing for will shake the world to its very foundations.

And just when things couldn't get any more dangerous, our efforts are interrupted by a vile betrayal.

The traitor in our midst threatens to destroy the powerful bond between me and my brethren, and to give scheming Apollo exactly what he needs to ruin us. More than that, this betrayal could lead to the death of the one I love most before our romance even has a chance to take root.

Dispirited and exhausted, we have no choice but to pull through, and to prepare for the largest battle the world has ever seen. Snatching the thrones from the remaining Olympians will take us to the very limits of our strength, and it's possible that we won't make it out alive. There are no guarantees, even for a daughter of Ares...

If we don't do it, no one will. And if we can't succeed, then no one can.

Cursed Warrior is sure to thrill and delight readers looking for a simmering enemies-to-friends romance. Fans of Game of Thrones and Greek myths won't want to miss the pulse-pounding action and mind-blowing twists of this third installment!

Throne of Gods Book 4- Captured King

The war may be over, but the struggle has only just begun...

With numerous Olympians out of the picture, my brethren and I will have a chance to pick up the pieces and enjoy our new positions, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

In the aftermath of a long and grueling campaign, the world is thrust once more into darkness. The peace and healing we'd all hoped for is threatened by a dark presence from the past—one who will bring our war-weary world to the brink of conflict once again.

And it gets worse. No one tells you what it's like to wield real power, to occupy the throne of a major kingdom. To say that my friends and I will have to go through some growing pains and put our real desires on the back-burner is an understatement. Old wounds still need healing and old treacheries continue to bring pain into the present.

We gave our all to bring hope to the people of the world, but holding onto our new thrones is going to prove more difficult than gaining them ever was.

Fans of Game of Thrones and Greek mythology will love Captured King, the fourth installment in the exciting Throne of Gods series! If you've been looking for a slow-burning friends-to-enemies romance with a generous helping of action, look no further!

Throne of Gods Book 5- Eternal Kingdoms

Peace was almost in our grasp. Now, it couldn't be further out of reach...

A war-shattered world. The bonds of love and friendship strained to the breaking point. A colossal evil threatening to sow chaos.

When my brethren and I stepped up to build a new world and challenged the corrupt Olympians, we never expected that filling their thrones would be easy. Being forced from one struggle to the next and made to shoulder great tensions has been more punishing than expected, though. Worse, it's only driven some of us apart.

Stresses run high and relationships have become choppy. The love I'd once pursued has been forced into the background as more profound challenges loom ahead. A fight unlike anything we've ever seen is brewing—a clash that threatens to destroy everything we've worked so hard to accomplish.

So, what do we have left now that the end draws near? At this pivotal moment, what can we rely upon?

As always, we only have each other. Friends new and old will have to assemble to meet this threat head-on.

The stakes have never been higher. If our reign is to be eternal and the peaceful world we've dreamt of a reality, then we have to come together and win.

Eternal Kingdoms marks the stunning finale of the Throne of Gods series! Fans of Greek myths and Game of Thrones will find nail-biting twists, ample action and a riveting slow-burn romance in its pages!

Throne of Gods- Prequel

The king of the underworld had been taken by surprise.


Since time immemorial, the gods of Olympus have ruled. Now, a mysterious challenger emerges, seeking their thrones... 


Ares, god of war and ruler of the powerful Fire Kingdom, discovers a threat to his empire. Arising from obscurity, a maverick king of the eastern territories has launched an attack in the valley of Hades. This enigmatic king, Sisyphus, wields a mythical blade and begins to set his sights on other Olympian strongholds, with plans to unite them all under his rule. 


When his requests for help fall on deaf ears, the god of war takes matters into his own hands. 


Eager to stamp out Sisyphus' ambitions, Ares puts together a strike force, comprised of his most promising Fire Kingdom warriors. Among them is Xira, a talented young recruit and descendant of Ares. Relatively inexperienced, will the fiery young warrior prove herself, or will she fail the god of war in his hour of need? 


This pulse-pounding prequel novella sets the stage for the Throne of Gods series. Fans of Greek mythology and blistering fantasy action won't want to miss it!