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Dark Legends Boxed Set Author Spotlight: Redemption by Laxmi Hariharan @HariharanLaxmi ~ No One is Safe from the Growing Menace #ASMSG #PNR #DarkLegends #fast-paced #UrbanFantasyRomance

Rebecca Hamilton, 
T.F. Walsh, Monica Corwin, J.L. Weil,
Laxmi Hariharan, JA Culican, Muffy Wilson, 

GK DeRosa,
Marilyn Peake, Kevin McLaughlin, Carissa Ann Lynch, 

Vivienne Savage, Anna Hub,
HJLawson, Emma Nichols,Shelley Munro, J.A.Armitage, Leilani Love, 

Carlton, Xyla Turner

This Collection is packed with more than 20 full-length
Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance reads from New York Times, USA Today, and
International Bestselling Authors! 
Don’t miss this collection of more than twenty unique twists in paranormal
romance and urban fantasy, providing over one million words of supernatural
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The DARK LEGENDS boxed set includes: Mermaids, Sirens, Shifters, Vampires,
Dragons, Sorcerers, Warriors, Angels, Faeries, Demons, Witches, Psychics,
Ghosts, Mythology, Folk Tales, Legends, Dark Magic, Time Travel, and More!

Rebecca Hamilton 
T.F. Walsh with Demon’s Mark
Monica Corwin with Soulless
J.L. Weil with White Raven
Laxmi Hariharan with Redemption
JA Culican with The Keeper of Dragons, The Prince
Muffy Wilson and The Para-Portage of Emily
GK DeRosa with Wilder: The Guardian Series
Marilyn Peake with Shade
Kevin McLaughlin with By Darkness Revealed
Carissa Ann Lynch with Midnight Moss
Vivienne Savage with Making Waves
Anna Hub with Beyond the Shadows
HJ Lawson with New Order

Emma Nichols with Blood Moon
Shelley Munro with Claimed & Seduced
J.A.Armitage with Two of Clubs
Leilani Love with Violca’s Dragon
Demelza Carlton with Ocean’s Gift
Xyla Turner with Broken Treaty

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Laxmi Hariharan
New York Times and
Int’l Bestselling Author 
Mikhail Anton Ray: I needed her to fulfill my destiny but
she became my life 
Leana Iyeroy: I’ll never submit to a vampire or another
shifter – but he is so much more than either.
Micah must mate with wolf-shifter Leana to harness their
collective energies, and overcome the vampire built mind-net that has
infiltrated the humans robbing them of their emotions. But when Leana’s ward is
kidnapped and used against them, the future of humanity is at stake.  


Mikhail looks at the
shifter girl as she passes by him, so close that if he put out his hand he can
touch her cheek. Touch that skin shining with sweat, and pale under her tan as
if it’s taking all she has just to keep the pain at bay.
She adjusts the strap of the scabbard that crosses between
her breasts, and his eyes fall on the rise-fall-rise of her chest. Over the
swell of the vest that stretches tight across, outlining her nipples.
And despite the fact that she doesn’t even notice him,
despite the fact that he’s surrounded by jostling crowds, Mikhail finds himself
Heat twists his gut with such suddenness that he gasps.
It’s the second time he’s surprised himself in the space of
an hour. The first was when he’d seen the girl fall to the ground in the cage…
and not move.
He was sure she’d be up on her feet and downing her sword at
the brute hybrid coming at her, but she hadn’t.
She’d just lain there still, so still he’d been sure she had
been hurt badly or worse that she’d been killed. And before he could stop
himself, before he’d even known what he’d been doing he’d run through the
crowd, breaking through to the front and then he’d felled the guard at the
entrance to the cage with one blow. Had taken the keys from him, unlocked the
gate, slammed it behind him and had run towards the fallen figure all in a
matter of seconds.
As he’d leant over her she’d moaned and something tightly
clenched inside him had relaxed.



She was alive.

Laxmi Hariharan


Hello from London 🙂
Hello and welcome, Laxmi; so nice to have you here. How long have you been a writer and how did you come to
I’ve been writing since very young and with intent from
2003. Published my first book in 2011
How did you come up with this storyline?              
I wanted to write a paranormal story with a difference. Set
in a futuristic Bombay where I grew up, dystopian, yet intense and romantic.
Borrowing from the threads of Indian mythology yet spanning both Eastern and
Western cultures.
What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
Writing helps me plumb the depths of my consciousness. By
understanding character motivations I understand my own.
What inspires you to write?
The ‘aha’ moment from breaking a character and rebuilding
him or her back and understanding why they do what they do. And hence understanding
why I do what I do in life.
How did you conduct your research for Redemption?
I look for the key emotion that will be the theme of the
book. In this case it was Leana and Mikhail finding Redemption. Leana putting
an end to the cycle or the curse that has plagued her ancestral line for
What are 3 of your favorite quotes from Redemption?
Opening of Redemption is my fave: One of us is going to die.
He looks at me, the beast. Wolf. Man. Wolf?
He’s both. He’s neither. He’s just like me. 
More Favorites from Redemption:
I’ll give you a poem from Feral, the first book in this
series for the main character of Feral and later Taken is a soldier poet You
are the only person I wish
I had never met. I suspect if you knew
you might have more respect for me now
than you did then.
So strike a fracture through this
glass this view this thing that shimmers
like doubt between us, break it apart
with your hands.
What would your friends say is your best quality?
My persistence
Are reader reviews important to you?
Yes they are hugely important in discoverability especially
on Amazon. But I am too scared to look at them. I don’t want to get too
demotivated by the not great ones or too affected by praise either. So instead
I look for feedback from my beta readers who are amazing.
What do you do when you don’t write?
I like to be active – work out, yoga, walking in London and
gardening and spending time with my film maker husband watching films and
Tell us about your other books?
Feral the first in the Many Lives Series is my favorite.
About Maya a wolf girl who leaves her mate Luke to go in search of her blood
family. Only to uncover secrets.
If you could share one thing about yourself that you would
like readers to know what would it be?
That I hope my words will move them and help them understand
themselves better. That I hope they will see a bit of themselves in my


I hope you’ll read Feral the first book in this series. If
you join my newsletter you’ll get Feral for free.
Laxmi Hariharan is a New York Times bestselling author of
Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. She writes fast-paced urban fantasy

About the Many Lives Universe

The Many Lives series begins in present day Bombay when a tsunami wipes away
much of the city. Post-tsunami Bombay of the future is one of the most
prosperous cities in the world. On the other hand, successive economic
downturns have stripped most Western cities, including London of wealth,
pushing many to seek a new life in the East. Refugees from Europe now pour into
Bombay, into the camp nicknamed the Jungle. And no one is safe from the growing
menace of the merciless human-wolf hybrid shifters and vampires.Each book in the Many Lives universe is a stand alone in the series. A possible
progression is as listed below

Many Lives Main Series

1. Feral

2. Taken

3. Untamed

4. Redemption

Many Lives Prequel Series

1. Awakened

2. Origins

3. Chosen

Many Lives inspiration Novelettes

1. Exhale

2. Ugly

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