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Dark Legends Boxed Set Author Spotlight: Soulless by Monica Corwin @Monica_Corwin ~ #ASMSG #PNR #DarkLegends

Rebecca Hamilton, 
T.F. Walsh, Monica Corwin, J.L. Weil,
Laxmi Hariharan, JA Culican, Muffy Wilson, 

GK DeRosa,
Marilyn Peake, Kevin McLaughlin, Carissa Ann Lynch, 

Vivienne Savage, Anna Hub,
HJLawson, Emma Nichols,Shelley Munro, J.A.Armitage, Leilani Love, 

Carlton, Xyla Turner

This Collection is packed with more than 20 full-length
Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance reads from New York Times, USA Today, and
International Bestselling Authors! 
Don’t miss this collection of more than twenty unique twists in paranormal
romance and urban fantasy, providing over one million words of supernatural
suspense that will transport you to new worlds with smoking hot action and
heart-throttling adventure!

The DARK LEGENDS boxed set includes: Mermaids, Sirens, Shifters, Vampires,
Dragons, Sorcerers, Warriors, Angels, Faeries, Demons, Witches, Psychics,
Ghosts, Mythology, Folk Tales, Legends, Dark Magic, Time Travel, and More!

Rebecca Hamilton 
T.F. Walsh with Demon’s Mark
Monica Corwin with Soulless
J.L. Weil with White Raven
Laxmi Hariharan with Redemption
JA Culican with The Keeper of Dragons, The Prince
Muffy Wilson and The Para-Portage of Emily
GK DeRosa with Wilder: The Guardian Series
Marilyn Peake with Shade
Kevin McLaughlin with By Darkness Revealed
Carissa Ann Lynch with Midnight Moss
Vivienne Savage with Making Waves
Anna Hub with Beyond the Shadows
HJ Lawson with New Order

Emma Nichols with Blood Moon
Shelley Munro with Claimed & Seduced
J.A.Armitage with Two of Clubs
Leilani Love with Violca’s Dragon
Demelza Carlton with Ocean’s Gift
Xyla Turner with Broken Treaty

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Monica Corwin
Int’l Bestselling Author 
In the late 21st century, scientists created a serum that
gave every person nine lives, also known as souls. Flush with expendable life,
Earth collapsed into war and anarchy, leaving the Catholic Church to step in
and take control. In a world where the stealing of souls is big business, it
takes people like Constance Grace, detective in the Soul Theft Division, to
hunt the criminals down and strip them of their remaining souls.
When social-climbing con man, Noah Hannock, plunks himself on the church’s
radar, he becomes Constance’s problem. With a brand new partner, Mikon Cross
and seven of her nine given souls remaining, Connie has to enter high society
under a too-familiar alias to tempt Noah into her web.

While the chemistry between Connie and Mikon is scorching hot, the reality is
they don’t trust each other. Each with their own secrets to protect, the hunt
for Noah Hannock threatens them both. The only way they can survive is if they
learn to lay themselves, heart and souls, on the line for each other.


He watched as she pulled her unruly mane up into a messy bun
on top of her head. Every time he saw her do it, he couldn’t help but think it
was a move specifically designed by women to turn men on. The pale skin of her
delicate neck was now on full display, as were her toned shoulders and biceps.
Usually he liked his women soft, and while Connie did have softness here and
there, mostly she was made up of backbone, hard-toned muscles, and coffee.
“Stop being a creeper,” she said, breaking the spell.
He looked up. She was giving him a pointed look with an
eyebrow arched. Somehow he had forgotten himself and sat staring at her. Will
this night never end?
“Sorry, I was zoning out,” he said.
“Yeah, on my tits.”
“Really, I wasn’t staring at them. I was just thinking.”
There was no talking to her. He climbed up and went to his
own bed. She was right, but he wasn’t going to admit it. He’d have to hear
about it for the next year otherwise. “How are you feeling?” he asked after a
few moments of silence.
“Still a little messed up from the drug, but, not terrible,”
she said.
“That’s good.” He could tell she wasn’t saying it all
though. She sat on top of her comforter, shoulders slumped, as she rocked ever
so slightly back and forth. There was no way he could let her stay like that
all night. If she was to be tortured then he could at least bear some of the
He got up and walked over to her, moved behind her on the
bed, and circled his arms around her upper body. She didn’t move, didn’t even
breath, for a few seconds. It was a huge relief when she sagged into him,
allowing him to hug her more comfortably.
The intensity with which his heart leapt and battered
against his ribcage was astounding. If heaven and hell could merge it would
live in such a moment. Her scent engulfed him, consumed him, and made him think
of all the things he knew he shouldn’t. It was a shock when he realized she was
guarding her thoughts to him. Not effectively, but she was making an attempt to
ease his discomfort.
“Here,” he said, shifting his legs open so she could lean
back into him and stretch out as well.
Such an unlikely pair they made. Only having met a month ago
and now here they were in a gilded hotel room, holding each other gently. He
would never have imagined a moment like this between them when they first met.
Father Reynolds wouldn’t have either.
Constance turned to face him, and he watched helplessly as
she slipped her tongue out and wet her lips.
“I’m going to kiss you, Mikon, unless you stop me,” she
whispered, only inches away from his mouth.
Monica Corwin


Book: Soulless
Hello everyone, I’m so thrilled to be here. I can’t wait to
tell you about Soulless, which was previously published as Soulless. If I get
too excited and ramble please feel free to direct me back to the questions.
Hey, Monica! How long have you been a writer and how did you come to
I started writing when I was a little girl but didn’t start actively
writing looking to publish until my early 20’s. Almost six years now.
How did you come up with this storyline? 
Well, like a lot of
my stories I get the main idea from a dream. But, it was after I watched a
movie about time…and how people’s timers were on their arms. That gave me the
idea for the souls to add into the world I had already built around the dream.
What are the best and the worst aspects of writing? 
The best
is interacting with readers. I love hearing about books and how much they loved
my work. Most of the time I assume I write books and no one ever reads them.
It’s nice when someone proves me wrong. The worst aspect is marketing. It’s not
something I have gotten figured out. It doesn’t help that I’m awkward as hell
What inspires you to write? 
Lots of things can inspire me to
write. Most of the time is a book, or movie, or watching a show about a
character who has reaching their goals…it makes me want to push toward my
How did you conduct your research for Soulless? 
I mostly had
to do a lot of research on the Catholic Church which was both frightening and
What are 3 of your favorite quotes from Soulless? 
~ “He
watched as she pulled her unruly mane up into a messy bun on top of her head.
Every time he saw her do it, he couldn’t help but think it was a move
specifically designed by women to turn men on.”
~ “I’m going to pout now because I wasted a perfectly
beautiful dress on such a craptastic night…”
~ “If heaven and hell could merge it would live in such a
What would your friends say is your best quality? 
man…probably my loyalty. I am devoted to those I care about and would give
them anything in my power, including a kidney, to help them.
Are reader reviews important to you? 
Um…I will say they
aren’t important to ME but they are important. I think when a book is done it
is no longer the writer’s…it belongs to the reader, as do reviews. Those
reviews aren’t for me, or about me, they are for the reader.
What do you do when you don’t write? 
Uh read, a lot. I also
fix typewriters. I know, I’m a dork.
Tell us about your other books? I write mainly paranormal
romance with strong heroines and unique worlds. My other series, Revelations,
centers around female four horseman of the apocalypse.
If you could share one thing about yourself that you would
like readers to know what would it be?
I adore you. Even if you hate my work I
thank you for giving that time to read it. Thank you for giving it, and me, a
Thank you so much for having me and
listening to me ramble.
XOXO Monica


Corwin is a writer attempting to make romance accessible to everyone, no matter
their preferences. As a Northern Ohioan, Monica enjoys snow drifts, three
seasons of weather, and a dislike of Michigan, despite her complete disinterest
in football. When not writing Monica spends time with her daughter and ever
growing collection of tomes about King Arthur.



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