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Release Day Party!!!

OMG!!! The wonderful Christian Loid is throwing me a Release Day Party! Not just any party….a party that goes on for a whole week! Authors from around the world will be stopping by to talk about their books and give away awesome prizes!

To attend, click going here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1766322933599460/

Author Line-Up (tentative):
Sunday, June 19th:
7pm, EST: Cassidy Taylor, The Runaway Queen
7:30pm, Philippines (7:30 am, EST):Christian Loid, Almost
8:00pm, EST: Martine Lewis, Crossing the Barrier-The Gray Eyes Series, Book 1
Monday, June 20th:
7pm, GMT (3pm, EST): Karen Tomlinson,A Bond Of Venom And Magic, Book One in The Guardians of the Goddess series.
7:30pm, EST: TJ Muir, Before the Luck Runs Out
8:00pm, GMT (4:00pm, EST): Toya Richardon, The Fireblood Saga
8:30pm, EST: KN Lee, Rise of the Flame
9:00pm, EST: Cait Reynolds, Downcast
Tuesday, June 21st:
7pm, EST: J.A.Culican, The Keeper of Dragons
7:30pm, PST (10:30pm, EST): Mike Shelton, The Path of Destiny
Wednesday, June 22nd:
7pm, Madrid (1pm, EST): Amaya Felices,La Sombra de la AraƱa (Spanish)
7:30pm, EST: Kim Alexander, The Sand Prince
8:00pm, EST: Meena Jelks, Teenage Temptation & Personal Honor
Thursday, June 23rd:
7pm, EST: Sabrina Ramoth, The Curse of Bruel Coven
7:30pm, EST: C.E. Wilson, The Boy With Words
8:00pm, PST (11pm, EST): Jeffrey L. Kohanek, The Buried Symbol
Friday, June 24th:
7pm, CST (8pm, EST): Debbie Manber Kupfer, P.A.W.S.
8pm, PST (11pm, EST): Elisa Dane, In The After
8:30pm, EST: SJ Claims, Soul Discovery
Saturday, June 25th:
7pm, AEST (5am, EST): Christopher Morgan, Forestium: The Mirror Never Lies
8pm, GMT (4pm, EST): Jill Merie, Nan Nose Best
If you are a young adult author and would like to sign up for a 30 minute spot during the release party, email me at: jaculican@gmail.com and I will let you know if we have any spots still available!
Your invited!Christian Loid Hosts a week long release day extravaganza! Join some of the hottest new youn (1)

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